Berkley Stainless Steel Hook Remover

Berkley Stainless Steel Hook Remover – There are times when a decent hook remover is required because it is the right tool for the job. Yes, you can use pliers as I have done myself on many occasions but you can not beat having the proper tool.
This is more apparent when the fish you are trying to deal with is making it difficult and you are trying not the get impaled on it’s sharp teeth.

I had the unfortunate accident a few years ago of this happening to myself while trying to remove a lure from a Pike. The hook was well and truly embedded and even though I was using long nose pliers the Pike in question was having none of it. After having my fingers bitten, you soon realise that it is best to use the correct tool for the job which a friend of mine lent me.
The Pike was released unharmed and went on it’s way, I ended up with plasters on my fingers. This was a lesson learned the hard way.

Berkley Stainless Steel Hook Remover Features

  • Sure-Grip jaw
  • Easily remove embedded hooks
  • Spring loaded trigger handle
  • Lanyard

What other’s are saying;

For some reason I could not find this in any local stores? Price seemed decent and I was sick of breaking my hemostats when trying to pull hooks from catfish… This should be what I need to do the job right!!


Way better than using needle nose pliers! I’ve used this twice in the past week and I really like it! It’s quick and can get in a little deeper to get those tough hooks out with less stress and damage to the fish and possibly me when one starts to struggle to get free with my fingers right up on the hook. Definately a finger saver! A great tool for anyone a little sqeamish about removing a deep set hook. I’d also recommend it for the fisherwoman with long fingernails, it just makes it much easier to remove the hook without our nails being in the way. Easy on the fingers, easy on the fish.


Berkley Stainless Steel Hook Remover is a great tool for removing those embedded hooks and for saving your fingers, try one yourself!

These may be unavailable at the moment but check these Curved Nosed Forceps out.


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