Carp Fishing Tackle Box

Carp Fishing Tackle Box – is ideal for any angler from beginner to expert.

Great Carp Tackle Box!

Great Carp Tackle Box!

This small tackle box is easily transportable and has all the tackle that you may need for your fishing trip.
This includes the tackle box itself, hooks, swivels, shrink and rig tube, lead clips and cones. plus shock beads.
Dimensions of the box are approx 105mm x 120mm x 35mm
The box also comes with a wrist strap, transparent covers which can be removed plus two of the larger compartments have removable dividers.

Tackle Box Contents

50 Premium Quality Carp Hooks.
These are broken down into 5 packs of 10 hooks which will contain popular carp hooks in both barbed and barbless.
The hooks are TDL Professional series, TDL Longshank series and TDL Rapier series. If you aren’t already familiar with these hooks, they are manufactured from high quality Japanese carbon steel and are easily on par with the top branded hooks on the market.
The style, shape and size of the hooks will vary across the packs.

Also included is the following items:

Size 8 Rolling Swivels
10 Green Lead Clips
10 Brown Lead Clips
10 Green Tail Cones
10 Brown Tail Cones
15 Green Shock Beads (6mm)
15 Brown Shock Beads (6mm)
2 Metres of Green Rig Tube
2 Metres of Brown Rig Tube
1 Metre Black Shrink Tube
1 Metre Green Shrink Tube

This Carp Fishing Tackle Box is well worth the money for what you get, great piece of kit!

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