Fishing Tackle Trolley Review

fishing trolley

Fishing Tackle Trolley

Fishing Tackle Trolley Review – There is nothing worse when arriving at the car park and then realising that you have a fair old distance to carry your fishing tackle. Most fishermen don’t carry minimalist equipment, I know I don’t.

All my fishing kit sits in a large fishing box which I change according to the type of fishing that I will be doing, this can be on a beach, pier or off the rocks.

Coarse fishing anglers can have a huge amount of equipment to cover every situation and even more kit if you are planning to spend a couple of days out.

One of the piers I like the fish off is a quarter of a mile long and it is a real pain when you have to go back and forth to bring all your equipment.

In some ways, I possibly carry too much stuff but I like to make sure I have everything that I may need including food and coffee.

What I like about this trolley:

Is that it folds flat

Has pneumatic tyres

Is easy to move

Has a base locking arm

Decent price

Sturdy construction

After I have been out fishing and returned home, I always give the trolley a wash off with soapy water to prevent it from corroding.

This Bison Fishing Tackle Trolley that I can highly recommend to any fisherman who has had enough of carrying all his kit and making multiple journeys.

For the USA please visit the Fishing Cart below.