Lightweight Carbon Beachcaster

lightweight beachcaster

Lightweight Beachcaster

This lightweight carbon beachcaster is ideal for anyone wishing to get into beach casting or even for the more experienced angler looking for a rod which can handle larger weights.

I own several beachcasters which are all different in both the weight they can cast and the type of ground that I will be fishing over.
This depends on whether the bottom is sandy or rocky.


This beachcaster is a 3 section, 14ft rod made of a carbon composite.
Has oversized rings which is ideal to use with fixed spool reels.
It has a middle to tip action.
Powerful butt section.
Is black in colour with a flourescent red tip section.
Can cast up to 200g (7oz) weights.


This carbon beachcaster is a well priced rod for the specifications it has and one to add to any fishermans collection.


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