Plano Stowaway with Adjustable Dividers

For storing spinners, hooks and other small items.

Plano Stowaway with Adjustable Dividers – This is a brilliant box and as such I now own 20 of these. The have so many uses other than just for fishing that I have to keep replacing the ones I borrow from my fishing tackle.
Now I buy 5 at time so that I always have spare ones ready for use.


Size: 14 x 2 x 9.1 inches
Dividers to create 4-24 compartments
2 Latches


I have several of this size Plano storage box. They hold up very well, I have not had any issues with them breaking or the lid cracking. The latch is very secure. I have tried other brands of small storage containers and I keep coming back to Plano for good quality.

I use these containers to organize various connectors and adapters for Computer Networking as well as Audio/Visual. They have made things much easier to find. I will definitely be purchasing another.


It does not matter what you use the Plano Stowaway with Adjustable Dividers for, you will always be able to find what you are looking for and never again lose those fiddly bits again.

Currently unavailable in the UK but here is something else to consider, this Fishing Tackle Box.

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