Surf Casting

Surf Casting is for me a great way to fish because you really feel part of your environment because you are getting close and personal to the action.
Fishing on pier’s and jetty’s is fun but fishing off a beach all depends on your casting ability and the type of rod and reel that you use.

surf casting rod
Over the years I have used many different types of surf casting rod from fibreglass to the graphite rods of today.
My first surf casting rod was the 12ft Daiwa Moonraker Fast Tip which I still have, although it doesn’t get used much these days being over 40 years old now.
Daiwa for me has moved on in leaps and bounds and I still use a lot of their equipment.
The Daiwa Saltiga Ballistic Surf Rod is a wonderful rod to use and can really handle the heavier fish with ease.
It’s easy to use and can also handle the lighter weights with ease as well.
However quality this good does come at a price though and even though it is expensive I do think that it is worth the extra money.


The Power Slim graphite blank construction is super-light, fine-walled and powerful.
V-Flex ferrule system flexes with the blank providing a consistent power curve. Accommodates either spinning or casting reels.
Fuji New Concept Alconite guides.
Fuji reel seat.
Adjustable balance weight system.
Surf Rod Blank, 13-1/4 Feet, Extra Extra Heavy, 3 Piece, 25-60 Pound.

Take a look at this video of fishing off Hayling Island, UK.

[field name=iframe]

The Daiwa Saltiga Ballistic Surf Rod will give me several years of service as my original Moonraker did.

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