Thermal Underwear For Fishermen


Keep Warm This Winter!

With the arrival of Winter not being that far away the time has come to think about keeping warm which as a fisherman is very important because for most of the time you are not moving around that much.

With Thermal Underwear you are not going to look that sexy to your loved one but at least you will feel warmer.

These are a 50/50 mixture of polyester and cotton, don’t have a side seam and are soft for comfort.They can either be washed by hand or machine washed.

This is a set of two vests and two long johns.

I have owned numerous sets of thermal underwear over the years and don’t really care what other people think, so long as I am warm, I am happy.

Thermal underwear is a must have for any fishermen planning on going fishing through the winter season. Keeping warm is more important than getting hypothermia, which can kill you!

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