Waterproof Backpack For Fishing

waterproof-backpackWaterproof Backpack For Fishing – This waterproof backpack I thought may be of use to the fisherman who likes to be prepared when going off the beaten track or when going fishing off a boat.
We all own several types of bags/boxes to carry our tackle around in but sometimes it’s good to have an additional bag which you can rely on to keep your kit dry.

There is nothing worse than opening up your favourite bag and discovering that after a downpour your kit isn’t as dry as it should be.

This waterproof backpack is ideal because it can float if dropped into water, has reflective panels on the front and shoulder straps.

Protects all your contents from dust, dirt, sand and water, is 100% waterproof and has padded shoulder straps with lumbar support to make it more comfortable when carrying.

You have a large internal pocket to keep important items safe and a larger outside elasticated mesh pocket to put any wet items.

I spend most of my time beach fishing and this has proved to be invaluable, which is especially handy when fishing at night because you can easily see it because of the reflective panels.

This is a great backpack for boat fisherman as well, because no boat is ever that dry what with spray and the weather itself. At least you will know that you have somewhere to keep extra clothes dry for when the weather gets colder.

If you do like going off the beaten track then carrying that all important extra kit to keep yourself safe is a must have these days.

This is one waterproof backpack that all fisherman should consider having!
~ Neil

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