Waterproof Wading Jacket

waterproof fishing jacketWaterproof Wading Jacket – This is a 100% waterproof fishing jacket which is also windproof and breathable. It fits well, and is comfortable to wear with adjustable neoprene hand cuffs and high quality zippers.

Contents placed into the pockets will be kept dry and safe which I think is important because we
all need to be able to store that smartphone somewhere.
Keeping dry when fishing in torrential rain is a must and makes the day all more enjoyable because getting wet and cold is no fun at all.
From my own experiences it’s also a good idea to wear either a fleece or jumper underneath because these type of jackets are not always the warmest to wear even though they will keep you dry.
The beauty of this waterproof wading jacket is that it is fully packable for when the rain has stopped and is no longer required.
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