Wii Fishing Master World Tour

Pack you bags, reels, rods and lures as you leave on a Fishing Master World Tour!
Catch fish in their native waters around the would in the first global fishing game on the Nintendo Wii. Battle fish as you would in real life from your living room. Once you have your skills down jump online to battle against the best players in the world.
If you enjoy fishing, I think you’ll get a kick out of this. The graphics are excellent as Wii games go and you don’t get stuck fishing in one place on a pier somewhere.

There are 40 different locations, in 7 regions of the world, Europe, Japan, South America, Africa, Australia and more. Imagine deep sea trolling in Hawaii, or fishing in a fountain in Paris. You start off in Japan and open locations as the game goes on. The scenery and fishing spots are quite stunning. They did a good job on this game. The characters are cartooney and you get a few choices of boy or girl characters. You even get to pick a dog or cat to keep you company and accompany you on your travels. (The cat gets really excited when you hook a fish!)
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